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The tech ecosystem of Rotterdam relies heavily on knowledge and expertise in tech domains. The current knowledge gap in technological domains calls for an improved education system with a stronger focus on technology.

Courses and Programs


In order to attract and educate both local and international tech-savvy talent, we work together with educational institutions in order to facilitate high-level courses around tech topics.

Knowledge exchange

We also facilitate the exchange between employers, educational and governmental institutions to join forces and collaborate in shaping the future of tech education.


Our bi-annual reports help inform you about the current state of tech education. These reports also serve to measure the progress made by educational institutions to close the current technological knowledge gap.


Startups, scaleups and corporate entrepreneurship are at the heart of any tech ecosystem. WeTech identifies these stakeholders as the main drivers of innovation and disruption, and connects these companies not only to one another, but also to talent and investors.

Events & interactions

Whether your business is only getting started or you are looking to grow and expand, it often comes down to knowing the right people. Our specifically target events are the best place to add valuable partners and connections to your personal and professional network.

Collaboration & Knowledge exchange

Our tech portal is the starting point for a collaborative and thriving ecosystem. Community members can share, discuss and learn from one another’s expertise, as well as find and connect with potential partners.


To keep up with the fast-changing tech scene, we regularly measure and report changes in Rotterdam’s ecosystem, where we discuss current news & events, best practices, and overall trends.


A city’s tech ecosystem, particularly focused on startups, requires the awareness and interest of smart capital. Our investment-related efforts help provide the necessary funding to boost high-potential concepts to a next level.


Our main focus is on attracting more investors, both foreign and local, to Rotterdam’s tech scene. This starts with increasing the landscape’s exposure and informing investors about the vast potential of Rotterdam ventures and entrepreneurs.

Courses, guidance & access

In order to help both the investors and the companies in which they invest, our classes and events provide them with guidance and access to investor networks and high-potential growth ventures.


Our overview of the current tech-related investment landscape allows investors (and entrepreneurs) to inform themselves about existing activity and future opportunity.