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February 23, 2018A Complete Guide to Rotterdam’s Ecosystem

Welcome to Rotterdam – the city where people make it happen!

Rotterdam is up and coming! With Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam is the “gateway to Europe”. Home to two top-notch research universities, it is a city of pioneers and innovators. And its 170 resident nationalities, 2 international airports, and over 1 million annual visitors make for a multicultural melting pot. With so much tailwind, it’s only normal that Rotterdam is also developing into a major European tech & startup hub.

This article is a complete and comprehensive guide to Rotterdam’s tech ecosystem. Use this as a starting point to gain an overview of information, people, spaces & organisations most relevant to Rotterdam’s tech scene.

Overview and information

Particularly for newcomers, it can be confusing to come across so many organisations, initiatives & information sources. Our interactive map and newsletter are the best way to get started. The map provides a top-down overview of the entire ecosystem, while the newsletter keeps you posted about news & events.
WeTechRotterdam map

Co-working spaces

Rotterdam is home to some real treasures in terms of workspaces for freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups. More and more co-working spaces are opening their doors to startup- or tech-based communities. Flex- and co-workers enjoy these spaces not only for their desk space, facilities and excellent coffee, but largely for the environment and network of other ambitious and like-minded people. Examples of such co-working spaces include:



Incubators & accelerators

For startups that need an extra kick, Rotterdam is home to several incubators and accelerators that provide more than the workspace and financial capital needed to take off. Here’s a list of hubs that make it their mission to strategically and operationally help their client companies make the step to a successfully growing company:



Network & communities

If you’re looking to connect with specific individuals or want to join one of several large communities, the following organisations are a great place to start.

Venture Cafe

Venture Café Rotterdam

Educational institutions

Rotterdam’s innovation and startup success rely heavily on the talent attracted and educated through its top-notch research universities.

Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam campus

Investment opportunities

For founders as well as for investors, it’s helpful to get a feel for the investment landscape and opportunities around Rotterdam.

Angel Academy

Angel Academy investor class

Don’t be a stranger!

This was only an initial overview! As WeTechRotterdam, we continuously review & renew our content based on changes in the ecosystem, recent news and upcoming events. Now that you have a basic overview, be sure to stick around for what’s next!

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